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Difference of Turquality Program from Other Government Incentives
December 10, 2019
Ece Sancak
Difference of Turquality Program from Other Government Incentives

The question in mind for most companies that are considering to join the Turquality program is how Turquality program differs from other government incentives and what kind of return it will provide to the brand. For this reason, as Orbis Consultancy, we have prepared a short article to answer the questions in mind.

We can summarize the difference of Turquality program from other government incentives and supports under 4 topics:

1. Methodology and application:

The Turquality program was designed with a systematic approach that supports corporate development. The methodology and system applied by Turquality is an example that is hard to find in the world. Turquality puts the brands through a check-up, makes a gap analysis against industry benchmarks and supports the brand to invest in the shortcoming articles in order to create competitive brands in the international arena. This is the biggest difference of Turquality program from other export-oriented government incentives and supports.

2. Duration:

Turquality has become the longest-term support program, with the Target Market focus launched in 2017.The Turquality program, which continued its support for corporate infrastructure development for the first 5 years, now also supports infrastructure development, investments and expenditures for each new TargetMarkets for an additional 5 years. Turquality, which was restricted for a total of 5 years of infrastructure development when it was first put into practice, was extended to 10 years (5 + 5) in 2011. In 2017, the Target Market Focus approach was introduced and the program is extended an additional 5 years with every newTarget Market. The brand will continue to remain within the scope of Turquality as long as it sets new Target Markets.

3. Convenience:

Turquality is the first government incentive program that can be applied through an automation system with minimum bureaucracy. The document copies uploaded to the system are examined by experts and the approval process is carried out. Missing and erroneous documents are also complemented by the notifications made through the system. However, the important issue to remember is the training, planning and automation of how brands will systematically create Spending Files while getting prepared for the Turquality Program. Most brands start this operation after receiving the program acceptance letter. This causes brands to lost their rights to get funded for the Spending Files with payment dates earlier than 6months.  This is a risk that may cause serious loss of funds for the brand, given the fact that most of the standard government incentives losses their validity for the brand as they are accepted to the Turquality Program.

4. Scope:

The Turquality Program is the world's most comprehensive government sponsored incentive program with more than 500 support articles in total. Although we cannot share this long list of articles here, we will try to list the important ones briefly. We request your consultation with Orbis Consultancy in order to prevent any incorrect / missing information before taking action.

   - All marketing, sales, brand expenses for promotion, sales and export development that are in context

   - Production quality improvement systems, applications and consultancy

   - Production optimization improvement systems, applications and consultancy

   - Employee safety and environmental improvement systems, practices and consultancy

   - Software, systems and automations (building management system, CRM system, sales automation, simulation system

   - ERP license, maintenance, application and consultancy

   - All fair expenses without incentive and geography limit

   - Employment support (that are in context)

   - Design and design consultancy expenses

   - All other corporate infrastructure, target market, brand, sales and export-oriented expenses (thatare in context)

   - All brand, patent, certification and certification (that are in context)

   - All of the investments for development abroad (excluding investments for production, including office - warehouse - showroom - store - storage service - decoration- service fees)

   - And many more support items


We will share the differences in support between Turquality and Brand Programs in our next article. Please follow Orbis Consultancy to stay tuned.

December 10, 2019
Ece Sancak