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Micro-Segment Strategy for Increasing Market Share and Turnover
October 25, 2018
Ece Sancak
Micro-Segment Strategy for Increasing Market Share and Turnover

While digitalization is increasing in every aspect of our lives, as a result of this, Telecom world is one of the competitive sectors where new products and services are rapidly introduced and consumed in very huge amounts.

The intensity of competition causes operators to find new customers both as new customers and to seek additional remedies to obtain extra income from existing customers.

Opening up new markets, acquiring new customers is as difficult and costly as a whole. For this, it is necessary to have good brand awareness, organized sales channel, right product and competitive pricing capability. All of these can be organized with valuable teams, large communication budgets, a lively sales organization and good financial power. Moreover, your competitors have the same high-level organizational capabilities!

In these competitive market conditions, can you divide the subscribers you are trying to earn with your brand communication and product offerings into micro-segments to win?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities, after winning the customer by clustering them according to their common characteristics and offer value proposals, and thus aims to strengthen feelings of belonging. How can we use their social and communal sense of belonging to gain potential customers?

The business model called  Mobile Virtual Network Operator  (MVNO) has emerged from this point and it aims to address the feelings of belonging to gaining customers before dividing it into segments to manage customers.

So unlike the main brand strategies; the idea of creating sub-brands to collaborate with certain common characteristics, which can be organized within itself, which has communication channels, segmenting the masses taking various actions for certain purposes, and cooperating for this, has added a new dimension to the competition.

At the core of the sub-brand creation strategy, your customers, who do not respond to the offers of your main brand for many different reasons, have a goal to announce your voice over another brand within the framework of their cooperation based on revenue sharing and to obtain new revenues from them.

Moreover, customers who have been offered their own value proposition from the beginning to thesegment, and gain the right management of certain social or communal sense ofbelonging, will benefit you and your business partner.

With the organization and development of social life, the need to feel and belong to a society, organization and unity with the organization of professional life, its reflection and educational institutions and ultimately the organization of social life is increasing and growing day by day. On the other hand, there are also volunteers who have a sense of belonging to some groups and associations.

This people may be aimed at raising the social status of a community that has the values to be organized, to be successful, to grow and to have a pride in its name. Just like fans of football clubs.

Brand collaboration with the sports team can be developed in order to support for the success of the team, who is excited to buy tickets for matches, and willing to give money to the football shirt every season, and to gain a sense of belonging to the club.To gain new subscribers over the newly created sub-brands and to generate income also constitutes one of the main strategies of a business model that has been recently implemented in Turkey.

In the telecom industry, a mobile operator has collaborated with the four major sports clubs of Turkey and implement its Virtual Operator business model, the mobile operator has gained new customers and has an alternative sales-marketing channel.

As a result of this strategic marketing, sports clubs have great effects on the masses and have shown that they bring people  together under their own brands.

For this purpose, special value added services (VAS), special customer services, and  sales channel organizations should be offered to the customers to make them feel privileged. In addition, it is necessary to plan and implement many activities, including the effective use of the communication channels of the sports club and the launch of products and services with logo on the market.

The design and implementation of a complex structure as well as the re-launching of a small scale model of every kind of product and service infrastructure that an operator will enter into the market will be presented.

On the basis of this successful business partnership; to determine the effects of brand positioning in the market accurately and realistically, to plan a strategic plan that can add a new dimension to your existing business model and to implement the necessary business development activities within the framework of time schedule, to choose the right business model and business partner. Within the framework of these measurable activities and results, it is possible to have the vision to benefit from the knowledge and experience to plan the next strategic move.

October 25, 2018
Ece Sancak