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Turquality and 10 Corporate Development Performance Areas
October 16, 2019
Ece Sancak
Turquality and 10 Corporate Development Performance Areas

The purpose of the Turquality Program is to enable companies to manage the Global Branding and Corporate Development process in a sustainable way and to develop their processes in the following 10 areas. The supports provided also include expenditures spend for this purpose.


As Orbis Consultancy, we carry out a corporate check-up by reviewing all the processes of the brand during the Preparation Project for Turquality Program. As a result of our check-up in 10 areas prioritized by the Turquality Program, we support the companies in determining critical processes, developing these processes and making this development a part of the corporate culture. So, what are these 10areas of development and which topics do they cover?

1.Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Management

2.Corporate Management

3.Financial Performance

4. BrandManagement

5. BrandPerformance

6. ProductDesign / Research and Development

7.Marketing, Customer and Trade Management

8. SupplyChain Management

9. HumanResources Management

10.Information Systems Management




In line with the vision and mission of the Brand, it is necessary to set its strategies and strategic goals clearly, and for this purpose, it should deepen studies such as Market, Competition, Customer, Channel, and Product Analysis. In this context, the Brand's long-term (5-year) strategic plan should be supported by the business and investment plans to be developed accordingly and integrated with the budget. It is important to manage the corporate performance by measuring all the activities carried out within the framework of strategic planning in certain periods.


TheStrategic Plan should be a live document created as part of corporate development and supported by business plans and budgets. The Strategic Plan, also, should be measured and managed within the scope of corporate performance management, which is constantly revised and developed. In this part, the studies carried out so far by the Brand will be examined and the points that the strategic planning process is missing will be determined.




In order for the Brand to survive in the competitive market to continue its sustainable development, it must adopt Corporate Governance principles and strictly apply these principles. The maturity level of the Company will be determined by examiningthe Corporate Governance principles under 4 main headings:

• Management Structure and Functioning

• Relations with Shareholders

• Relations with Stakeholders

• Openness and Transparency




The financial performance of the Brand must be strong in order to

• be successful in the global arena, to realize its investments for the future,

• position its brand in the international market, to carry out brand, marketing and promotion activities and

• continue its operations.


In this context, the Brand should effectively manage its assets and liabilities and plan resources. In parallel with this, the Company's financial statements will be examined in detail in order to determine the areas of development and improvement, and the issues to be developed will be determined in line with the analyzes.




Brand strategy, brand positioning and 360-degree brand management are essential for the brand to advance in the global arena. In this context, it is necessary to review and evaluate the current brand positioning, architecture and identity of the Brand, to formulate the brand promise, image and strategy, and to reflect the brand strategies to the operations without exception.




In order to manage the brand properly and to plan marketing activities, brand performance should be measured regularly with qualitative and quantitative market research.It will be determined not only the measurement of brand performance, but also how these results will be reflected in all functions of the company.




During theProduct / Service Development process, meetings with the R&D department and other relevant units will be analyzed, and the product development activities carried out for the Brand will be analyzed, and the articles to be developed /improved will be determined. At this part, it will be understood which departments involved in the Product / Service Development process in what scale, the stages that Product / Service Development process has passed through, and the maturity level of performance criteria related to the Product / Service Development process. The strategies, processes and methodologies of the Brand for Product /Service Development will also be optimized at this part. Within the framework of R&D Management, the project regarding the Company's R&D Center can be evaluated separately.




Within the scope of Trade, Marketing and Customer Management, the Brand's activities in sales and marketing and its maturity level as well as improvement areas inthese activities will be determined. In this part, the relationship of sales with marketing, the relationship of sales with operations and how the whole process is supported technologically will be examined. Within the scope of customer relations, the customer vision and approach for the Brand will be understood and CRM / CXM vision will be examined. Activities at the customer contact points of the Brand will be examined and suggestions for improvement will be made. Studies carried out by the Brand in this part will be examined, and missing necessary points will be identified and development / improvement projects will be created.




For the Brand to become a global brand, it must also manage its supply chain effectively; that is, at the right time the right product should ensure the right price and quality. As the Brands's global presence and export countries increase, service operations and management of the supply chain will become complex. Studies in the Supply Chain Management part, ranging from Planning, Purchasing, Production,Storage, Distribution, Sales and Customer Service as well as Demand Planning,Sales-Operations Planning, Supply, Production, Order Management and Fulfillment will be examined. The working pattern of the Brand with its suppliers and customers, information systems infrastructure supporting the supply chain and customer operations and performance criteria related to the supply chain will be analyzed. In addition, necessary development and improvement projects will be initiated.




In line with the strategies and processes determined by the Company, it is of great importance in terms of sustainable growth to create the organization that will support its operations, to effectively manage and retain its human resources, to take actions that will increase the performance and efficiency of the employees and to raise the existing human resources. In this context, theCompany's studies to date in the field of Human Resources, the general Human Resources strategy, policies and plans, and the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources are examined. The development areas in career planning, performance management, workforce planning, competence valuation, internal communication, payroll and personal transactions will be determined. In addition, studies on human resources transformation and development will be examined and the missing points to be fulfilled will be identified and projected for a more effective HumanResources function.




TheInformation Systems department is a strategically important support element for the Brand to implement the strategies and operations it has developed in its multi-geographical and multi-functional structure. Within the context ofInformation Systems, Corporate Resource Planning (ERP) and other basic or complementary corporate software as well as IT infrastructure of the Company will be analyzed. How effectively the Brand uses these software and what kind of improvement opportunities there are will be analyzed. In this part, it is important that the data flows continuously and integration among all software is provided. As a result of this analysis, the IT development and improvement projects will be determined and carried out.

October 16, 2019
Ece Sancak