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Turquality & Corporate Development Roadmap
December 10, 2019
Ece Sancak
Turquality & Corporate Development Roadmap

o  Situation:

The company, who is one of the leading players in plastics industry and achieved successful growth in past years with its investments on production and distribution facilities, has started to experience a slowdown in reaching its business targets. The company started to seek for a solution to review and revitalize all major functions of the company to reach its vision of becoming a global leader in the industry. The company started to work with Orbis consultants and decided to participate in Turquality program to identify critical processes in corporate governance, to improve these processes and to ensure continuity of corporate development as part of its culture.


o  Approach:

Our first step of was to review the positioning of the brand as well as the brand's vision, mission and main strategies as a part of the Turquality program. After clearly defining the company’s OSGMs (business objectives, core strategy, goals and measures), we developed the core BSC(balanced scorecard) for the company. After 1-to-1 meetings with business units and workshops with company’s key decision makers, we created Department BSCs for all functions and business units.  

In parallel we conducted an evaluation across all functions and business units of the company using Orbis Assessment ofExcellence for Turquality (AET). The functions and business units covered can be listed as:

1.    Strategic Planning

2.    Corporate Governance

3.    Brand Management

4.    Brand Performance

5.    Marketing, Customer and TradeManagement

6.    Supply Chain Management

7.    Product Design and R&D

8.    Financial Performance

9.    Human Resources Management

10.  Information System Management

Despite the company's size, sector expertise, process discipline, and market knowledge, we identified many areas to be enhanced, restructured or developed from scratch to ensure the company’s healthy corporate development.


o  Impact:

As a result of Orbis AET tool reviews, we ended up in more than 30 projects, delivered project cards and prioritized these projectsin the Brand Development Roadmap. Some of the key projects identified to ensure company’s healthy corporate development were:

·      Segmentation and Segment Management

·      Insight Driven Innovation Management

·      Market Research and Brand Performance System

·      Performance Management System

·      Internal Control

·      Supply Chain Analytics

·      3-Phased IoT and Industry 4.0 Project

·      Stock Optimization System

As a result of the preliminary review of the company followed by the final assessment of the 5-year Strategic Development Plan, the company is accepted in the Turquality program with one of the highest scores achieved in the recent years.

We also implemented Turquality Allowance ApplicationGuideline (TAAG) and Turquality Allowance Tracking System (TATS) for the company and trained the staff in order to ensure complete and in time progress of allowance payments.

December 10, 2019
Ece Sancak